Where to eat in Paris ? (Cakes and other pastries)

This part is a special one for my english speaking readers.

As you already know, I am originally French and since I live in the UK, I am regularly asked where to eat in Paris. So here it is; if you are planning a trip to Paris with your friends or your special someone, and you want recommendation from a Parisian but none of your friend is, then look no further. I will share with you here my favorite places to eat in Paris. And as I think that most of my readers are girls and I have these crazy assumption that we tend to have a sweet tooth more than our male counterparts, I will mainly focus on where to find the best pastries and where to find the best cakes in Paris.
So stay tuned as I will update the blog with more posts on where to eat in Paris.


Popelini is exclusively dedicate to the ‘choux’. Absolutely nothing to do with the one you find in Marks and Spencer and Tesco.
This time we are talking about the real this: Fluffy, and crispy choux pastry filled with flavored silky creams such as coffee’ dark chocolate, pistachio, rose, lemon. Vanilla, milk chocolate with a passion fruit topping, caramel etc.
Not to be missed

29 Rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris
Station: Filles du Calvaire


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